Magento Knowledge

Magento 2 Versions Overview

An overview of the latest Magento 2 version releases, complete with release notes and security bulletins.
As soon as there is a new version released by Magento, we will review and update this list accordingly.

Quick Tips

Access back-end with non-standard TLS port

When you’re running Magento 2 inside a Docker container (for example for local development) and you’re using a non-standard TLS/SSL port like 44333, then your back-end adminhtml route will trigger a 404 error.


Using Flag Models in Magento 2

To save a few bits of data you don’t have to create a specialized entity each time. Magento 2, just like its predecessor Magento 1, offers a Flag model. Flag models implement a small key-value store inside the Magento database.

In Magento 1 you could use the Flag model directly. For Magento 2, we have to create a class that extends the framework Flag class so we are able to set the correct FlagCode.