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Magento 2 Versions: The Overview

Last Updated on 2021-08-10 by aeno

An overview of the latest Magento 2 versions, complete with release notes and security bulletins. As soon as there is a new version released by Magento, we will review and update this list accordingly.

Magento 2 version number format

  • A new minor release containing new features and sometimes breaking changes is released by Magento about once a year. The minor release number is indicated as the second number in the version string (2.4.3).
  • A new patch release containing security and quality enhancements is released by Magento every 3 months. All the recent security enhancements are included in minor releases as well. The patch release number is indicated as the third number in the version string (2.4.3).
  • A new security release containing important fixes for vulnerabilities without new features is released by Magento on an irregular basis. The security release number is indicated after the dash in the version string (2.4.2-p2).

Tabular overview of Magento 2 versions and release notes

StatusMagento 2 VersionRelease DateRelease Notes / InformationHighlights
2.4.32021-08-10[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
* Many security fixes
* PageBuilder is now bundled with Magento Open Source
2.4.2-p22021-08-10[Security Bulletin]
2.3.7-p12021-08-10[Security Bulletin]
2.4.2-p12021-05-11[Security Bulletin]
2.3.72021-05-11[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
2.4.22021-02-09[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
2.4.1-p12021-02-09[Security Bulletin]
2.3.6-p12021-02-09[Security Bulletin]
2.4.12020-10-15[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
2.3.62020-10-15[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
2.4.0-p12020-10-15[Security Bulletin]
2.4.02020-07-28[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
2.3.5-p22020-07-28[Security Bulletin]
2.3.5-p12020-04-28[Security Bulletin]
2.3.52020-04-28[Release notes]
2.3.4-p22020-04-28[Security Bulletin]
2.3.4-p1This version was skipped and never released
2.3.42020-01-28[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
2.3.3-p12020-01-28[Security Bulletin]
🔚 🚫2.2.112020-01-28[Security Bulletin]
2.3.2-p1This security patch release contained a severe bug and was removed.
A fixed security patch release 2.3.2-p2 was released instead.
2.3.32019-10-08[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
🚫2.2.102019-10-08[Security Bulletin]
[Release notes]
2.3.22019-06-25Security Bulletins: [1] [2] [3]
[Release notes]
🚫2.2.92019-06-25Security Bulletins: [1] [2] [3]
[Release notes]
🔚 🚫2.1.182019-06-25Security Bulletins: [1] [2] [3]
[Archived Release Notes from Devdocs]
Magento 2 version history
⏳ Future version (not released yet)
⭐ Latest available versions – use one of these!
🔚 Last patch of this minor release
🚫 Unsupported release – do not use!

Magento 2 releases RSS feed

Coming soon: an RSS feed containing the latest released versions of Magento!

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